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Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality made its first kick into the mainstream this year and now seems to be everywhere, from iPhone apps to fully immersive environments.

This video from by Keiichi Matsuda shows an augmented future in which life is lived inside an augmented reality which shapes every facet of our visual and physical engagement with the world around us.


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25 October 2010, 10:56 am
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Video Composing

InBb Video Collage

Another trend of the web is the opportunity it presents to open up new creative opportunities for people through the mixing of otherwise separate sources.

In Bb is a brilliant example. It allows users the ability to turn user-generated content into a user-generated composition by embedding videos of a range of people making music (in the key of Bb) on the same webpage and allowing you to play them. At the same time.


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23 October 2010, 1:03 am
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The Web is Dead…

Long live the internet.

Wired magazine have published a fascinating article about how the rise of applications and peer to peer networks is killing off the traditional World Wide Web.

Web… Internet, aren’t they the same thing I hear you ask? No and Chris Anderson very eloquently describes the differences in his part of the article. Read the article here.

Web Tombstone

Essentially the difference is that the web is accessed through a browser. It is search engine crawled and generally HTML based. Applications do not necessarily require a browser. Think of Spotify, it is a downloaded desktop or mobile application. It gets content through the internet but it presents it to you through a closed commercially branded environment. And since the arrival of the iPhone and iPad we seem to be ever increasingly choosing this type of content delivery over traditional browser based HTML pages.

“As much as we love the open, unfettered Web, we’re abandoning it for simpler, sleeker services that just work.”

Chris Anderson

Ok so yes, what’s the problem, we’re getting better services, delivered through slicker and more intuitive interfaces, everyone wins yes? Well not necessarily. The pay off is that these spaces are closed and commercially owned and this brings with it a whole set of factors that have to be considered.

Let’s take an old real world example. The sell-off of our public spaces in favour of the development of privately owned and maintained shopping malls. If you want to know more about this subject I strongly suggest you read the works of George Monbiot (Captive State) and Naomi Klein (No Logo). Essentially they argue that in return for the improved services that commercialism can bring, these come at a price, the drive for profit and loss of freedom. Every inch of these spaces is designed to feed the bottom line. You can’t just spend the day feeding the pigeons in a mall, you have to be shopping and spending to justify your use of these facilities. Your freedom to not be a consumer is lost.

In much the same way it seems we are now doing the same in the digital sphere as we have allowed to happen in the physical. We are turning away from the mess and unpredictability of the world wide web and choosing to pump our personal data into commercial applications and services.

“Chaos isn’t a business model. A new breed of media moguls is bringing order — and profits — to the digital world.”

Michael Wolff

Again the bottom line is money and profitability. These apps and online spaces are commercial, there is a better service but it comes at a price, literally, the price of the bottom line and of profitability for those delivering the service. Anderson argues this is inevitable. That this trend online is following ultimate course that capitalism will always follow. He likens it to great examples of the past like the telephone exchange, the train networks and so on. He makes a very good point indeed.

So perhaps it isn’t all a bad thing after all. Perhaps it has to go this way. We demand better services, we require people to provide these services and they need to be paid. The web could never go on as it was and this is the inevitable next chapter of the digital revolution. But at the same time I am concerned. Something inside tells me we should be wary of this.

In much the same way I am wary of the erosion of public places. Wary of the replacement of the humble town square and its freedoms by the self contained commercial environments with their rigidity and conformity of consumption. Wary this is now happening in our digital spaces as well.

That once what was unpredictable (and yes sometimes unreliable) but ultimately free in every sense of the word is soon to be replaced by controlled consumer environments, where profit is king and everything is a commodity to be traded.

But don’t take my word for it. Read the article and lots of books and decide for yourself.

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14 October 2010, 1:05 am
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The Body as Input Surface

So the progress of mobile technology continues at pace. Would it be crazy to predict that the idea of carrying a communications device in our pocket will be out of date within our lifetime?

Read more about the project here.

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5 October 2010, 11:36 pm
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Google Goggles & The ‘Creepy’ Line

Hmmm, I have a feeling there will be a lot more blogs like this to come….

Anyway this one is to alert you to Google’s new visual search tool for the iPhone, Google Goggles.  It uses your iPhone’s camera to identify things in the real world and tells you all the information you could ever want to know about them.

This sickeningly chirpy video explains it all.

YouTube Preview Image

Oh and in other “Google are taking over the world!” news Eric Schmidt admits their intention is to “get as close to the ‘creepy’ line as possible”.

I imagine Mr Orwell might be turning in his grave as we speak.

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David Droga at Cannes

Fascinating talk by David Droga at Cannes 2008 on advertising and engagement.

Some really interesting insights about how digital and social media is changing the way brands are engaging with their target audiences.

And for once it’s not all doom and gloom “advertisers / corporations are taking over the world” type stuff. Yes it can be cynical, but as this talk shows sometimes, just sometimes, these advancements in communication channels available to brands can be used to start more inclusive movements and do great things.

Here’s hoping more advertisers see things this way.

David Droga is founder of the advertising agency Droga5.

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2001 an iPad Odyssey

YouTube Preview Image

I must admit, I have a certain Mr Hyde to thank for this genius spot, but do you remember 2001 A Space Odyssey? Of course…

Well there was a scene in it with two of the astronauts playing around with what looked uncannily like an iPad.

Remember this was 1968 this film was made… Who says sci-fi predictions aren’t coming true?

Anyway upon being alerted to this it reminded me of this… theory that’s been around for a while that Apple is obsessed with 60s culture and all of its products are based on 60s design, especially that of Braun.

Maybe due to this type of retro interest from product designers of the future more sci-fi predictions will start becoming a reality….

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Digital Slingshot

YouTube Preview Image

SMS technology that allows you to virtually interact with real life surfaces using a digital catapult.

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3 October 2010, 11:39 pm
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